Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The First Kiss.

My obsession with kissing started when I was 14. It started with my very first kiss; that kiss sealed my fate, and that fate was that from that moment on kissing would be my thing! The thing that has the potential to make me feel like I am floating on air; it makes me feel like my blood rushes throughout my body at lightning speed, making my heart beat faster and faster. One small physical act between two people can stop the world in its track. My first kiss was that impactful.

{I think that is labeled as having the “Butterflies”}

This video made me realize that we all start off as strangers. There is this chemistry that happens when two chosen individuals make eye contact, a chemistry that is not meant to happen with every man or woman that crosses your path. That chemistry lets you know, almost instantly, if kissing this person is something you desire. I am a passionate woman and kissing is an art form for me, it is something I “feen” for; in other words, it is something a desire habitually…just not from everyone. As good as sex can be, it can hail in comparison to a deep passionate kiss…that shit is the Holy Grail!! Sex begins and ends with a kiss, everything in between is just an effect from that kiss.

{The cause}

There were two or three couples in this video that I felt had that intense vibe…that chemistry, and even though they were strangers, the moment their lips met they became intertwined. That first kiss has the power to let you know the impact a person will have in your life.

Intense and dramatic…I know. But the reason I know this is because…I fucking KNOW that feeling all too well!! In my world, if you have left a mark {or scar} it all began with that fucking first kiss!


{I should say that NOTHING turns me off more than a bad kisser…I don’t care if you are “Mandingo” or “Adonis”…if you can’t kiss me the way I know I can kiss you, then all I have to say is #BYEFELICIA}

Aside from my very first kiss when I was 14, there have been a handful {maybe not even a handful} of first kisses that still linger in my taste buds…I can tease you with a little snippet of one of these stories…

I met this guy once upon a time {I know!!!!} and from our first initial eye contact {no fucking lie} I was smitten…this dude tickled my fancy, to the point where I felt like a silly little girl crushing on the boy from the playground. The chemistry between us could have powered that entire place. From that moment on desire was evident, the kisses, insatiable. Every kiss was treated as the possible last kiss we could have because…life happens, shit happens…so I took it upon myself to make sure that he would never forget that moment in time...that this dude would not forget my name! I would hold on so tightly, like a predator holding on to its prey…losing consciousness because we wouldn’t come up for air. It felt like time stood still and he & I were the only things that mattered, everything else was irrelevant…at least for those moments in time. It was during those moments that I swore we were infinite.

{I fucking know right!!!...because remember, kissing is my thing! And I was blessed with admirable lips! LOL}

I can still trace the outline of his lips. And I can bet a slice of strawberry cheesecake that this dude still remembers mine. 

{Because I love strawberry cheesecake}

You would think that something that began with “Once upon a time” would eventually end with “Happily ever after”…what can I say, life is real, and real ain’t no fairy tale!

{Ain’t that a bitch sometimes?}

That story may still be being written up…and I have NO FUCKING clue how it will end. That is my life and its complexities!!!! 

{Maybe none of that shit ever happened and I imagined it all…and I really am a tad bit LOCA…Fuck NO! Those really were moments in my life!!!!!}

My whole point of this little snippet of story is to allow you to comprehend how important, intense, erotic, insatiable a kiss can be. It’s not just a physical act; it has the power to be a mental, spiritual, emotional act…but a rarity that won’t occur with just anyone at anytime. If you pay attention to the video you can see that intensity with a few of the couples.

{If he & I would have been those participating strangers, we would have made everyone look like fucking amateurs!!!...because remember, kissing is my THANG!!!}

Has anyone ever made you feel that way?

"Bésame como si nada importara, como si nada existiera, como si solo fuéramos tu y yo y nadie más, como si fuera la última ves que nos fuéramos a besar..." 

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