Sunday, March 23, 2014

This girl is about to be #Exposed it seems that youtube was never a platform that I thought about when I first started this blog. But lately i've been thinking that it's not a total bad idea...what could go wrong with creating youtube videos, right? {except that I can totally end up saying way too much shit}

This blog is a reflection of me and ultimately, the videos I create will be a reflection of me {crazy, loud, unconventional} I begin the "vlogging" adventure with this video, it's a beginner video but I think that I did pretty fucking good for this being my first time using iMovie to edit!!!! This will be my video journal...I will share thought, ideas, hauls, tutorials {maybe...}, advise, free-talk...and anything I come up with. For right now it's exciting to think about the endless possibilities. And I love endless possibilities.

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