Monday, December 31, 2012

Reflection: 2012

As 2012 comes to an end I have to reflect for a minute. It has been good to me in so many aspects. I just have to acknowledge it and hope that 2013 brings me the same type of excitement that this year did! I finally feel that my life as an adult is coming together. I am making grown up decisions, and as scary as that can be it excites me!

I’m looking forward to many things this coming year. And even though I’m not big on that whole new years resolution, there are things that I would like to work towards. If I learned anything this year, it’s that sometimes blessings come crashing through your window! I also learned that you have to take the highs with the lows because you can’t truly appreciate the highs until you’ve tasted the bitterness of the lows! For me, it’s about evolving. Going through that metamorphosis and allowing life to show you things you didn’t know were there. My one wish for 2013 is that I continue to enjoy this journey and that the blessings I’ve had this year evolve to bigger and better things! My one wish for everyone that reads this is that they learn to enjoy the ride!

A few things I hope to work on in 2013 (in no particular order of preference)

~Work on this blog…I have so many ideas as to what I want this blog to be…I just have to execute them!!
Continue to learn my photography. Never stop capturing life’s  moments!

I want to write again! As in journaling in a book like I used to do. I’m not sure if I want journaling to be a part of this blog…I can get really personal in my journals…

I want to learn to paint and do other type of art projects!

Keep working on my fitness…so far so good!

Fall in love. (I’ll leave that one as is)

Get a nice place to live back in L.A (the city is calling me)

Take a little trip somewhere! (My big travel adventure will be in 2014 to Brasil for the world cup!!!)

Go to more concerts…I don’t do much of that!

Keep on doing what I love and what makes me happy

Stop and enjoy the little things because they count!

Here's to the adventure!

Monday, December 24, 2012

My Xmas Wish List

My Xmas Wish List

It has been such an amazing year in so many aspects and I don't take these blessings for granted! I normally don't make a wish list but this year I decided to do it. I have worked so hard this year and I beleive that I deserve these treats!!! I'm not sure what will be waiting for me under the tree Xmas day but I know for sure that I will be getting my MacBook Pro (a gift from me, to me!!) and I will be getting my JC Litas.....everything else on this list will be crossed off throught 2013. As far as 2013 goes, I just hope it is filled with as many blessing as I received this year!!!!!
Happy Holidays and here's to a great 2013!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Channeling Chanel

Channeling Chanel

I discovered Chanel around the are of 13, and ever since then she has remained an icon in my eyes. Assertive and confident, she had the type of confidence that was hard to shatter!

I always use the phrase "I'm channeling Chanel today"...not because i'm wearing Chanel {i'm still gathering my pennies for the day I can be a Chanel Bag Lady!!} but because my favorite color combination is Black & White!! There are so many ways to channel Chanel without having to wear the coveted label!!! These are styles that speak to who I am...classy & fabulous!

I love wearing color, but I am so happy that fall is here and I can rock all the black & white!!! I don't do fashion. I AM fashion!



Studded dress
$32 -

Sheer shirt

White tank
$16 -

SuperTrash white short sleeve shirt
$105 -

Black blazer

J Brand velvet skinny jeans
$195 -

Plus size pants

A Wear black tube skirt
$32 -

Jeffrey Campbell leopard heels
$89 -

Ash low boots
$500 -

Wallis black boots

Jeffrey Campbell lace up boots
$195 -

Nelly Shoes high heels
$65 -

Chanel flat shoes


Chanel logos jewelry

$14 -

Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Style-Noir

My Style-Noir

I am a true believer that you can NEVER go wrong with black! It is classic and can be done in so many different ways! My style can change from day to day, I love color just as much but as the weather gets cooler I tend to bring out the black a lot more...but I always manage to add a little pop of color!

{side note: I have discovered and am quickly becoming obsessed! (pintrest who?)....}

{side side note: below are the links to the pieces in my board} 

Rag bone scoop neck top

Jean jacket

DKNY leather legging

Rag & bone studded boots

Proenza Schouler leather handbag
$1,850 -

Gorjana leather jewelry

Silver bangle
$61 -


$55 -

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Los Angeles Style

{side note: it's been a crazy year, in a good way! I hope to become more consistent with this blog because I have tons of ideas for it. A lot of the inspiration I get comes from the awesome blogs that I follow...let's hope the creativity keeps flowin!} 

I got the sudden urge to do a photo shoot the other day, so I hit up my girl (aka partner in crime) Justi and asked her if she could be my "muse". Knowing her love of fashion AND her love for being in front of the camera, I knew she wouldn't say no! I never get tired of capturing the L.A streets and I knew exactly where I wanted to take these photos! Seeing as how I work for a denim company like Celebrity Pink, it was easy to get some looks together that would fit perfectly with the urban backdrop I chose. 

How much fun is it for two girlfriends to spend an afternoon running around downtown taking photos! 

I love sporadic day like these where we can have mini adventures!...It's great to have a friend like Justi who is spontaneous like me! The images came out great, thank you very much :)

All images taken by me. Jeans provided by Celebrity Pink