Sunday, February 24, 2013

The {Art} of Makeup

I feel like I need to go into a rant. 

A makeup rant! I love makeup, there is nothing more I can say to make it much clearer…I love makeup. I love playing with it, experimenting with it, I love buying it! Being able to wear makeup so freely is one of the best parts of being a girl {that and the fact that once a month it’s perfectly ok to be a tad bit bitchy-er}

I have a relationship with the makeup that I wear, I don’t just throw it on blindly, I think of how I want to feel that day, what features I want to accentuate, how badly I need to cover a pimple or dark under eye circles. Most importantly, makeup has the power to make a superwoman out of a woman! It makes you look good even when you feel like total utter SHIT!!!! The most important lesson when it comes to makeup is this: Makeup is not meant to conceal a beautiful face, it is meant to accentuate a beautiful face! I cannot state this enough. Just because you have tons of makeup does not give you permission to wear it all at once! {please put down the electric blue eye shadow is you already have red lipstick on…just say NO!} Having tons of makeup just gives you options; smokey day one day, liquid eyeliner the next, natural & fresh another day…you get my drift!

 Makeup for me is a reflection of being a woman, it’s a rite of passage that came to me when I was 15 years old and my mother allowed me to wear mascara, eyeliner and the Jordanna Terracotta lip liner that I so badly wanted to wear. I went from being a bare faced girl to being a young lady who began her relationship with a makeup, and began carrying a makeup bag in her Jansport backpack! Throughout the years I’ve experimented with tons of makeup looks and brands; expensive, inexpensive, drug store, specialty store…and it all comes down to knowing your features and what works on you.

My day to day makeup routine is fairly easy and it takes me no more than 20 minutes to do…BUT like I said, I like to have options and I like to switch it up every now and then. The only thing that remains the same is: RED LIP COLOR!!!!! I absolutely refuse to live my life without red lipstick, red lip liner, red lip gloss, red lip stain, red lip balm, red chapstick!!!! Red, my friends, is my wonder woman color! It’s my instant mood lifter; it makes me feel sensual, sexy, and fierce…all around bad-ass-feminine! If you look inside my makeup bag you will find different options of red lip color and what dictates which red I am to use that day is how I am accentuating my eyes…I know it all sounds so fucking complicated but trust me, my fellow makeup enthusiast totally get this!!

I’m all about female empowerment but I also know that men and women are different in so many aspects {duh! Venus/Mars!} and I don’t feel that makeup makes a woman weak and superficial! Men might not comprehend why we take extra longer than they do when it comes to getting ready; but they are NOT suppose to get it, they are BOYS {but they are suppose to appreciate it}…just like I don’t get the concept of peeing standing up {I tried it once and ended up peeing all over myself…yeah…}

Makeup is powerful! I am woman, hear me roar…meow…This is my rant!

Monday, February 18, 2013

{Style Inspiration} Printed Leggings

Style Inspiration:: Printed Leggings

I have a current obsession with...Printed Leggings!!! This is so Desperately Seeking Susan and I may be trying to channel Madonna or Cindy Lauper in the 80's but I can't help it! All I see everyday are prints and patterns and I get inspired! I work for a denim company and guess what...prints are IN!!! The beautiful thing about leggings is that they are so fucking curve hugging. And the beautiful thing about me is...that I think of endless possibilities of how to style them!! There is nothing subtle about printed leggings, you want to be noticed and have no problem with that!

How would you define this style?'s all over the place...but then again, so am I!!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

{Home Inspiration}...the joy of home decor!

I've always appreciated looking at home décor but never really found myself really putting in the effort to find inspiration for decorating! But then again I’ve never had my own place. A place where I am the sole person in charge of decorating more than just the bedroom!!! This is new and exciting territory for me and I am going ALL in with this!!!!!
Lately I’ve been thinking that it’s finally time to take that leap and get my own place. No renting a bedroom, no sharing a house or an apartment with a roommate. This time I want to have a place to my own! I want to decorate on my own, I want to come home to a place where I can enjoy the silence OR have the music blasting as loud as I want…I want my independence!
This makes me excited and for the first time I want to find inspiration for home décor!!!! One of the rooms I’m most excited about decorating is….THE KITCHEN!!! I get to have my own kitchen for the first time and go shopping for all sorts of goodies!!! I am so happy that Pintrest exist because I’ve been collecting pictures for inspiration!!....
Working in the fashion industry, I get excited about about shopping for clothes, shoes and accessories...but for the first time, I don't want to go shopping for any of these wonderful things because I want to save my $$$ so that I can go shopping and style MY PLACE!!!!!
I absolutely love and embrace the changes going on in my life. Slowly, but surely, things are coming together for me!