Sunday, October 7, 2012

Los Angeles Style

{side note: it's been a crazy year, in a good way! I hope to become more consistent with this blog because I have tons of ideas for it. A lot of the inspiration I get comes from the awesome blogs that I follow...let's hope the creativity keeps flowin!} 

I got the sudden urge to do a photo shoot the other day, so I hit up my girl (aka partner in crime) Justi and asked her if she could be my "muse". Knowing her love of fashion AND her love for being in front of the camera, I knew she wouldn't say no! I never get tired of capturing the L.A streets and I knew exactly where I wanted to take these photos! Seeing as how I work for a denim company like Celebrity Pink, it was easy to get some looks together that would fit perfectly with the urban backdrop I chose. 

How much fun is it for two girlfriends to spend an afternoon running around downtown taking photos! 

I love sporadic day like these where we can have mini adventures!...It's great to have a friend like Justi who is spontaneous like me! The images came out great, thank you very much :)

All images taken by me. Jeans provided by Celebrity Pink 

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