Monday, February 18, 2013

{Style Inspiration} Printed Leggings

Style Inspiration:: Printed Leggings

I have a current obsession with...Printed Leggings!!! This is so Desperately Seeking Susan and I may be trying to channel Madonna or Cindy Lauper in the 80's but I can't help it! All I see everyday are prints and patterns and I get inspired! I work for a denim company and guess what...prints are IN!!! The beautiful thing about leggings is that they are so fucking curve hugging. And the beautiful thing about me is...that I think of endless possibilities of how to style them!! There is nothing subtle about printed leggings, you want to be noticed and have no problem with that!

How would you define this style?'s all over the place...but then again, so am I!!



  1. I love printed leggings too ASOS always do great ones!x

    1. most of my printed leggings are from ASOS!! :)