Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ode to Photography

There is no hobby I love more than Photography!! My friends and family know that I am absolutely in LOVE with this art form! I have been learning and practicing this art for the last 3 years and sometimes I can kick myself for not picking up a camera sooner. I guess some people discover their talents at an early age, and others (like myself) discover them later in life, almost by accident!

I have always loved being in pictures...capturing moments in life with friends and family. Whenever a camera has been pointed at me I just smile big and's so natural for me! But only until recently have I become the person behind the lens capturing LYFE...and you know what...I am addicted and I am so happy that I have been blessed with this gift. I never leave my house without a camera...NEVER! And my friends know that when my camera comes out, great images will be captured! I have even discovered how to use my iPhone to capture great pics, through app like PictureShowInstagram, and Pudding Camera (this one is in Korean...but it's a fun one). I can take pics from my phone and turn them into great images!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!

                                                                 Instagram Pics

                                  Pudding Camera (I wish the text was in English not Korean!)

                                                                PictureShow Pics

I am a Canon girl and I think I will remain a Canon girl...they are so easy to use! The camera that is always by my side is the Canon G11, it is not a Dslr but it is a camera for people who are serious about capturing great photos! Plus, it's compact so it fits in my purse :) My next camera will definitely be Dslr...maybe a Canon EOS Rebel T3i...I am really looking forward to my first Dslr!

I hope to continue getting better and to never stop learning about photography!!! I know that even though I discovered this art later in my life, I will continue to capture LYFE through the lens!!!


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  1. i can see why you love clicking pictures!!

    you are clearly very good at it :)

    keep up the good work .cheers!!