Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ode to ::Chanel::

{When I am strutting around the streets with this bag, I will know that I have made it.}

My love for Chanel began a long time ago, my love for FASHION started when I was around 13 and I would watch the canadian show Fashion TV...I became obsessed with the runway shows and with Parisian fashion...I also became obsessed with Paris and everything French! Chanel stood out amongst the rest because it represented everything feminine, beautiful, classic, and stylish! Chanel represented the essence of WOMEN. The iconic Double C's have stood the test of time and although Mademoiselle Chanel was gone long before the fashion house entered my life, Monsieur Lagerfeld has done the house justice!! I hope to become a collector of beautiful things, and collecting beautiful Chanel pieces will be the QUEEN of my eclectic closet!!

{Chanel-esque} is the term I use when I am rocking the Black & White look or when I am rocking the LBD. My style is very eclectic; yet I definitely embrace some of the classics, such as the :Red Lipstick: Ray-Ban Aviators: Black & White: LBD:

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