Thursday, October 6, 2011

Red Bottom Shoes....Worth it?

Carrie Bradshaw never met a high heel shoe she couldn't strut in! In fact, I think it was SJP's infamous character that put Mr. Manolo Blahnik on the pop culture map. Honestly, while I have a love affair with shoes, Manolo's were never my style; they were pretty to look at but I could never see dropping $500 on a pair that didn't suit my boho-chic style.

Now, in the last couple of years I have noticed a new name coming out the lips of fellow shoe-whores. It's not even a name, it's more like a statement! Christian Louboutin, Loubou's, Red Bottoms. Regardless of how you refer to them, they are the missing pair in every shoe lover's closet! This is quite a statement but I  think that every woman can find a Louboutin that will fit her style, they are more than just stilettos!

These babies don't come cheap and I am sure they ARE the missing pair in a lot of shoe lovers closet {I know they are missing from mine}. I tend to treat shoes the same way I treat an investment in my closet. The one question I always ask is "What is the cost per wear?" If it's a bag or a pair of shoes that will live more in my closet than ON me, then it doesn't make sense to part with the green paper in my wallet!! I had yet to encounter a pair of Loubous that will push me to the insanity of dropping some major $$$ on them...UNTIL I saw these beauties...

This, my friends, is LOVE at first sight!!!! Christian Louboutin Super Domblase Leather & Cork Platform Sandals. And they also come in these styles...

I am not even kidding when I say I want a pair in every style! These are the type of shoes that you make a statement with, the type of shoe that you wear something simple with so that you don't take attention away from them! They say "Look at me, don't you wish you could look this fierce!" Christian has made a shoe for me...BUT... Love Hurts!! $695.00 worth of hurt that these beautiful shoes can bestow upon me. Can I really think of 695 ways I can rock these babies?? Maybe, but I can't help but wonder if I could find a similar (exact) style from another label that won't cause my wallet to go empty for the next 695 days!!!! Of course I was able to find a few pairs that came pretty close in style but way down in price! Like these...

These are from Steve Madden, a brand I love and a brand that is known for duplicating styles from top designer brands! This style is called the Shazzam and they are almost the exact replica of the Loubous, they also come in a variety of styles. Even though they are almost the exact same shoe...the price is no wear near shock status!! At $149.95, these babies won't leave me hungry for the next few months!! Gotta love Steve Madden, his shoes are not cheap, but compares to Loubous, they are pennies! I also found these...

These are from the Jessica Simpson Shoe Collection. Super Cute right!! The girl can't sing or act for shit, but she has a great eye for style! These are not exact as my Loubous but they are similar in the heel and the platform, and they come in different colors. The beauty about these shoes, called the Prinnce, is not just the shoe itself, but the price of them...$98.00 will have me looking cute and stylish!! Jessica should stick with shoes and bags, and leave signing and acting for those with the actual talent to do so! Her collection has a lot of designs that I would add to my collection...and way to go on the price!!! much as it was LOVE at first sight for these Christian Louboutin Super Domblase Leather & Cork Platform Sandals, could I really pay the not-so-love-at-first-sight price of $695.00??

Maybe I can wait for a sale!


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