Wednesday, September 21, 2011

In the Closet!

There is something to be said about a woman's closet! I believe that if you love fashion, your closet is treated like the holy grail of your home. Many times i've said that my closet if full of nothing to wear {of course that is a lie...but sometimes I need a reason to OK a sporadic shopping trip}.

I am big on "spring cleaning" my makes room for more goodies!! I have become good at keeping my closet looking good and I know where EVERYTHING is!!! I am proud of my little closet, I have invested in hangers, shoe holders, scarf & hat hangers...the only problem is...that slowly it is filling up...especially with SHOESSSSS....what's a girl to do?! {not buying shoes & accessories is NOT an option!!}

Even though I have a pretty large wall-to-wall closet, deep down I yearn for a stylish walk-in closet. Nothing too big a-la Mariah Carey on cribs {too much!} just an awesome walk-in that could showcase who I am as a fashion lover!!!

                                                        {How amazing is this closet!!}

                                           {This is an example of a stylish small walk-in}

                                                    {LOVE the glass shoe case!!}

                                                  {Love the simplicity of this closet!}

{These pics are from the fashion blog, her closet/office is a work of art...LOVE!}

AND how could I forget to mention the infamous closet of the fashionista Ms. Carrie Bradshaw!!! Her whole apartment in SATC is quintessential "Single Girl in the City" might be fictional but stylish nonetheless!!


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